Monthly Archives: May 2014

Crick In The Neck

A tentative plan to exhibit our boat at Crick failed because Pipers couldn’t get the space they needed. Probably a good thing, as it was awfully muddy there: Glastonbury without as much music, but it was nice to catch up with old friend Phil Underwood and his Cajun band Colin and the Crawfish.

Another whizz up the M40 to check what progress if any had been made while everyone’s attention had been elsewhere… like fitting out a house, it’s not always easy to see.

4-DSCF0335Fran surveying the kitchen, and the view out the kitchen window.





Lots of electrics… but not much by way of an engine yet!



Still, at least it’s suitably primed, and some paint starting to go on makes the boat look much better from the outside, at least. The red paint was sprayed while we were there.

Bow Thrusters and Cat Flaps

I wonder which bit goes where!5-DSCF0326

1-DSCF0323So that's what a bow-thruster looks like!

An early Monday morning start: it’s the original “hopeful” delivery date, and things are progressing well if not as quickly as we’d hoped for.

Still, they’ve started putting in the internal partitions, and the bow thruster is installed along with its associated battery and weed hatch.

And, of course, Biggles’ entrance door is under way!