Song & Dance

Song & Dance

A little blogging website originally set up to document the travels and travails of Biggles (a Russian Blue cat) and his staff (Fran & Bob) as they wander around the English waterways on the narrowboat Song & Dance.

It’s intended mainly for friends and family, so they know  roughly where we all are… and let’s face it, it’s cheaper than sending postcards!

Sadly, Biggles – our erstwhile Captain – has now left us to cuise the great canal system in the sky, but we’ve decided to keep logging our progress, if only so we can remember where and when we’ve been.

Rumour has it that if you click on a picture  it will “go large”, as the burger chains would have it. And if you’re at all techie, or have access to 8-year-old children, you can set up an RSS feed or get it to send you an email to tell you when something’s been added. If you’re that sad…

Oh, and just in case there was any doubt… due to possible lack of connectivity, laziness or boredom, the blog posts have the date the events decribed actually happened, rather than the date the post itself finally got made. If you see what we mean.

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