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Splashdown in Longport

Whoa...!!!Walkies!Don't drop it!And it floats... hooray!

The salubrious surroundings of Longport Wharf are close and convenient, and the “launch” went without a hitch, although getting the lorry to the wharf was a challenge for the driver because of other boats parked on the hard standing, not normally there. Nothing’s ever easy.

We saved the Champagne for later, rather than mess up the shiny new paintwork, as the commissioning chaps Graham and Vinny wanted to go for a quick spin to make sure everything was OK.

Load & Go

03-DSCF048004-DSCF048305-DSCF0485Follow that boat!

A car park on an industrial estate in Biddulph isn’t quite the place for a romantic first-night party, particularly with a large crane and lorry arriving first thing the next morning to take the boat away. We’d found a few things not quite right overnight, and chaps were beavering away trying to fix things right up to departure.

Watching the boat being swung in the air was almost as scary as watching it being towed out and manoeuvred round the car park! Not sure which way the boat went: we followed the SatNav, never saw her, but on arrival at the launch site, she was already there.

The Light of Day

Seeing the light of day for the first time.

A big day… Song & Dance gets pulled out from the workshop into the light of day, and gets moored up in the factory car park, ready for us to spend the night on board checking everything out.

Mooring up in thecar park overnight.The paint scheme looks quite different in daylight!

Nearly there…

The date for completion and tedious things like paying for it. Thought we’d better go up and take a look at how things were progressing. Actually things were looking pretty good, but we’ve known far too many projects where the last 5% takes most of the time.

First chance to see her in all her finery, and with an engine installed, but we couldn’t really investigate inside much as they were laying the flooring.

First sight of Song & Dance in her finery.Signwriting looks good!

It's beginning to look as though it might get finished.3-DSCF0452

And an engine, at last.