First Steps onto the Caldon Canal

Harecastle Tunnel: South Portal

First day’s cruising on our own: we’d decided to stay close to Biddulph and the Piper factory in case of any problems, and revisit the delightful Caldon Canal, which we had done on our last hire-boat trip. Pointing north but wanting to head south we wound (winded?) at the winding hole just by the entrance to the Harecastle Tunnel.

Etruria Staircase: Bottom ChamberEtruria Staircase: Bottom LockThen back down to Etruria and the first challenge: the staircase locks.  Not quite as daunting as they look, but a challenge for Song & Dance’s first lock.

Then it’s through the not quite so interesting pottery areas, (restraining SWMBO from visiting the Emma Bridgewater factory shop), and past Stoke-on-Trent College, with its educational priorities Modern Educationproudly displayed for all to see, before emerging into the sunshine and country where we moored for the night Caldon Canal: Into the Sunshineby a field with several Gypsy Cob ponies including a foal. Look just like miniature Clydesdales!

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