Ovine Peregrinations

DSCF0730Moored up just outside Braunston for the day. There were four fields opposite the boat: the near one (“South”), the far one (“North”) – you can just make out the fence, and two (“East” and “West”) just out of shot to the left and the right of the picture. The fields show particularly fine  remains of the old “ridge and furrow” cultivation system.

As evening drew on, (with far more sheep than in the picture) all the sheep in the South field wandered determinedly  into the East field over the space of a few minutes, followed by those in the North field. With no sign of sheep dogs or humans, it looked as though they were programmed to go and eat or something at a particular time or signal. But five minutes later (too quick for nosh) they all wandered back into the North and South fields (far to quickly to have eaten); another five minutes and they all – to a sheep – wandered into the East field, where they remained for the rest of the evening. Strange beasts, sheep.

Oh. There were a pair of Peregrine Falcons perched on the church steeple, too.


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