Reading The Runes

Autumn is a-coming in: with all the hedgerow fruit well advanced, and only a few swallows still lurking in the flocks of martins, the conker trees have clearly decided to call it a day. Magic Dragon, the rather fine steam-driven half-scale Clyde Puffer moored at Beale Park started a Peter Paul & Mary ear-worm that lasted far too long. Would have been nice to see her in steam.

Horse Chestnuts on the changeHalf-scale Clyde Puffer

We don’t know Reading very well. Having persuaded Caversham Boat Services (right between Caversham and Reading Bridges) to provide us with a mooring for the night that had an electric hook-up so we could exercise the washing machine, we were surprised when they said “you do realise we’re on an island, and there’s no way off once we go home, don’t you…”. Mind you, their address – Fry’s Island – gives a clue I suppose.

Hope the residents of the posh flats across the water enjoyed the view of our boat and washing drying in the sun. Lots of interesting traffic passing , but somehow this boat (see below) did NOT inspire any ear-worms. We suggested he change the name to Banjo.

Opposite Fry's IslandA Morris Dancing boat?

The next day, we picked up some very dear old Reading dwelling friends avec bicyclettes outside the posh flats, then had a very pleasant meander down the Thames to Sonning Lock before returning to the junction of the Kennet River with The Thames where they pedalled off to put dinner on. (And from where we were subsequently chauffeured to and from a delightful repast chez Mayor). Before leaving we were visited by some equally friendly Antipodean strays, who seem to still have their seasons mixed up. They were so much more polite than their white UK compatriots.

Black SwanBlack Swan

In the morning, we discovered that we were moored rather closer to the entrance of a 24-hour Tesco than most car drivers could park (unless handily equipped with a disabled disc or a small baby). Fresh croissants and a newspaper for breakfast within a minute’s walk – a rare treat…

Mind you, en-route back for said breakfast, the rodent seen scurrying across the path was clearly a rat rather than a stoat or water vole. Ho Hum.

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