No Sh1t, Sherlock: another mystery solved

Well, Pipers came and went and came and went and came and went – there are lot of their boats at the marina – eventually leaving us at 22:30 on the Friday faced with a three hour drive back to Biddulph,  having fixed most of the irritating problems that have been bugging HWMBO (aka Biggles).

The biggest surprise (not!) was that despite several attempts to nail it in securely and immobilise it, the reason the washing machine kept trying to self-destruct or propel itself through the hull (rather like this one) was not because the floor wasn’t level (possible cause 2 in the manual), or because the load was unbalanced (possible cause 3)  but because – despite assurances – the transit bolts had been left in (possible cause 1). Ah well…

Still, all is sweetness and calm doing the washing now.

Zipping across the river on Saturday and tying up to our favourite tree next to Tesco saw us whizzing around back home on trains and cars taking away stuff we didn’t need, collecting winter clothes, and [cue doomy music] collecting the post. Was quite taken by the alarmingly red  jobby threatening to take me to court, hang draw and quarter me etc. etc. all because we were a couple of months late settling my late step-father’s latest electricity bill of some £4.32. Wonder what they’d have suggested if we owed them some real money.

And retrieving the latest issue of Waterways World magazine, there’s a short article about some new owners of our old friend the aforementioned John Pinkerton. Seems it’s been bought by someone who’s going to run a floating bicycle/hire service or summat similar on the Kennet & Avon canal. Another mystery solved.

Well stocked up for the journey, braving the Thames for the journey north to Oxford beckons. 5 day forecast for the next few days is lovely, rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. Good job we rescued the winter waterproofs and thermals.

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