Sub Fusc, Whisky & Irony

If you’re going to wander around Oxford then the Saturday of Matriculation is probably not the best… as well as the usual thousands of foreign tourists (one hardly hears any English spoken) there are hundreds and hundreds of shiny new matriculating students milling around all in sub fusc, many with proud parents in tow.

Attendance is mandatory, and with college team photos at crack of sparrows, ceremonies in the Bodleian Library and Sheldonian Theatre, champagne receptions etc, etc. by the early afternoon the shiny newness is starting to wear off, as more and more of the freshers get progressively hammered. Still plenty wandering around in kit as the sun went down though, fortunately relief was at hand with a “splendid venue” solo concert in the Wesleyan Church from the blessed Karine Polwart.

Bit ambivalent about Oxford as a place to visit, but a few random pics from the many taken:

Removable RailingsBridge of Sighs

One just has to see the Bridge of Sighs, but it’s less obvious why they are threatening to remove the railings around the church.

University ChurchUniversity Church - Night & Day

The University Church is rather fine, with the highest viewpoint over the city, and an excellent cafe in the vaults. Unusual ceiling too, with the night and stars painted on.

Radcliffe CameraHertford College

We were puzzled by the Radcliffe Camera – part of the Bodleian Library (doesn’t look like an SLR to us), until we read the board which pointed out in small letters that camera is Italian for room. And Hertford College looks impressive from on high.


And as for the Hook Norton Brewery Dray… it wasn’t even one of their pubs!

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