Magnificant Magnolias

Probably because of the less than usually chilly winter, but the camellias and magnolias have been wonderful this spring. Not really conducting canal research for this blog, but where else does one go on a beautifully sunny and warm Easter Monday for a little bit of peace and quiet? Why, the Royal Horticultural Society  gardens at Wisley of course.

Even when mobbed, parking isn’t a problem, and one can usually find solitude in the Heather Gardens, but two accompanying teenagers and an Easter Egg hunt put paid to that! As for canals, well we did come back via the Anchor at Pyford Lock on the Wey Navigation, so I suppose it counts after all.

RHS WisleyRHS Wisley

The crocus carpets were impressive, and we never knew ducks could walk on water.

RHS WisleyWalking on Water

The Lindt bunnies got everywhere, and this tree was very pretty, but we forgot to read the tag telling us what it was.

Ubiquitous Lindt BunnyRHS Wisley

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