For Oxford and St. George

Although we’d spent the whole weekend in Oxford (on music and morris dancing matters) and parked by the station for a reshuffling run home, we hadn’t actually done anything touristy, and St. George’s day promised wall-to-wall warm sunshine, so a day’s gentle perambulation around some of the landmarks was called for.

Magdalen Tower from Magdalen BridgeRiver Cherwell from Magdalen BridgeTrainee CSIs? Bug counters?

Magdalen Tower, the River Cherwell and strange goings-on from Magdalen Bridge.

Punt ParkPunt jam

Punt park and punt jam. (Actually there were about six punts fully occupied by young people shouting in a non-English language of some kind, going all in different directions and causing complete chaos. The joys of youth…)

Maths post-grad working on PhD thesis?DSCF1722

A couple of dreaming spires (well, one spire and one tower).

Corpus Christi CollegeChristchurch Meadows

Corpus Christi College and Christchurch College Meadows.

Fran's new diet

Fran trying out her new diet: a latte and a caramel and chocolate oozing cookie.

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