Hooray Henleys

After getting over the shock of Pay & Display machines for boats, a wander round Henley-on-Thames, a pleasant town with lots of interesting buildings, even if the green open spaces are already being taken over by marquees in preparation for the regatta.

A nanosecond’s glance in any of the estate agent windows makes it abundantly clear that if we decide to move house, it won’t be to Henley. Just opposite our mooring, on an island with no pedestrian or vehicular access (boat excepted) a new house – well, more a substantial garden shed – has apparently just been sold for upwards of half a million pounds…

Where's the Pot of Gold?

It rained a bit but the sun came out and gave us splendid double rainbow.

Getting one's ducks in a row...We musn't keep meeting like this...

Some Canada Geese put a new slant on getting one’s ducks in a row, while we bumbled into Happy Chance once again. She does look rather splendid, but we’ll have to stop meeting like this.

Henley-on-ThamesGetting ready for the Henley Regatta

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