Great Linford

Just on the way out of MK lies the village of Great Linford, still laid out like the mediaeval village, with the manor house, church, alms-houses and pub all close to hand. A spot on the wharf set us up for a mid-afternoon Guinness, a wander around and dinner at the pub. Sometimes life’s hard.

Great Linford Wharf

The pub from Song & Dance.

Great Linford Alms HousesGreat Linford tourist

The alms-houses.

Entrance for big peopleEntrance for small people

The church, with entrances for large and small people.

Milton Keynes Arts CentreMilton Keynes Arts Centre

The old barns, now Milton Keynes Arts Centre.

Great Linford Manor HouseGreat Linford Manor House

The manor house, under refurbishment. Apparently owned by the chap who’s chairman of the local football team, there’s a recording studio too.

Great LinfordDownhill to the boat

The main street, which passes the pub, and continues on down to the the boat.

A lovely place to while away a sunny Saturday afternoon.

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