Wooden Angels From Heaven

St. Peters in Upwell looked worth a quick look round, and indeed it was. Set in a very large walled garden/cemetery with, for some reason, a large unused area in the middle.

St. Peters, UpwellSt. Peters, Upwell

They obviously made a thing about their tapestry kneelers, and there was a seriously impressive ex-rectory out the back.

St. Peters, UpwellOld Rectory, St. Peters, Upwell

But inside, the most remarkable feature was the roof, with dozens of wooden angels, hovering over the congregation.

St. Peters, UpwellSt. Peters, Upwell

St. Peters, UpwellWooden Angel

Retiring to the next door café, in the newspaper there was an article and picture about the completion of a major restoration of wooden angels at a more notable church somewhere exotic. Subsequent research (a.k.a. Google) suggests the wooden angels are relatively common in East Anglian churches, but St. Peters is a particularly fine example.

Go boating and learn things!

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