Mary, Richard and a Maypole

Fotheringhay Castle was where Mary Queen of Scots was executed. Depending on which plaque you believe, Richard III was either born in Fotheringhay Castle or Fotheringhay Church. Maybe the church was once part of the castle.

Fotheringhay ChurchFotheringhay ChurchFotheringhay Church

Sitting proud, tall and vertical on a rise, when you go inside it seems rather smaller than one was expecting… then you see the model that shows it used to be twice as long, and much more in proportion – there was a parish church and a collegiate church on the end, and the latter is no more.

Painted Pulpit, Fotheringhay ChurchYork Chapel, Fotheringhay ChurchFotheringhay Church: Maypole

There’s a very impressive C15 painted pulpit, a small chapel devoted to the York dynasty, and a maypole.

Can’t ever recall seeing a maypole inside a church before.

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