Leaky Locks and a Leamington Lunch

Released from the brig, and leaving Long Itch (as the locals call it) almost a day later than expected, we continued on down the Grand Union, including the rather leaky staircase lock at Bascote.

Leaky Bascote Staircase

This stretch of the canal was once upon-a-time a narrowbeam canal, but was upgraded to widebeam in the 1930s in an an abortive attempt to compete better with the railways. The remains of the old narrow locks are still apparent, usually partially built over and used as by-washes.

Fosse Lock

Mooring up out in the boonies near the Fosse Way, shopping needs led to a Tuesday lunchtime visit to Royal Leamington Spa, which didn’t make overmuch of an impression, apart from the splendid gardens you pass en-route from the canal quarter to the centre of town.

Leamingto Spa GardensLeamingto Spa Gardens

Leamingto Spa GardensLeamingto Spa Gardens

Rather urgently needing to get a pump-out (earlier attempts had been thwarted), mid-afternoon found us just down the water in Warwick, where Kate Boats cleared us out very thoroughly indeed (but did charge 50% more than most establishments!)

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