A Portative Organ and a Duck on the Wall

Kingswood Junction is close to Baddesley Clinton, a moated manor house occupied by the same family for over 500 years before the National Trust took it over. Staunch Catholics, the house boasts three priest-holes (although one may be a sacrificial dummy).

Baddesley SheepBaddesley Clinton

The Captain gave the crew the afternoon off, so a walk across the fields ensued.

Baddesley ClintonBaddesley Clinton: EntranceBaddesley Clinton

With bits added and altered over the centuries the place is a fascinating hotch-potch of architectural styles, nooks and crannies.

DSCF3901Baddesley ClintonBaddesley Clinton

There’s a room with a barrel vaulted ceiling that looks just large enough to hold some splendid house concerts… now there’s an idea! Barrel vaulted lockkeepers cottages are a feature of the nearby Stratford Canal too.

Baddesley ClintonBaddesley Clinton

Surprisingly the geology is such that although surrounded by a substantial and full moat, the place doesn’t suffer from rising damp.

Duck on a wallBaddesley Clinton ChurchDSCF3925

Like all good manor houses, it has a south-facing wall in the garden (this one replete with resident perching duck), and a fine (if seemingly rather thin) local church. There’s a rather fine organ in there – couldn’t help noticing it was on casters. Paging Dolly Collins!

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