Tilting at Windmills

She Who Must etc. decreed that we really ought to take in something at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre as it was so close. So in addition to a wander around the new(ish) viewing tower they’ve built, we booked ourselves into the smaller Swan Theatre to see Don Quixote. The main theatre was putting on Cymbeline, which is (a) very long, (b) rarely performed – possibly for a good reason, and (c) they’d modernised it by changing the gender of the lead character and all that sort of trendy stuff. All in all Don Quixote seemed a better bet.

Tramway Bridge & Clopton BridgeBancroft Basin

Rain heading in from WorcestershireStratford-upon-Avon

From the top of the theatre tower, there are fine views over the surrounding countryside and town: in the Top-Right picture you can just see the tail end of Song & Dance between the two trees.

Shakespearian Morris Dancer Costume

In the foyer, there was a display of costumes from various plays. There was even one for someone playing the part of an ancient morris dancer. Deciding which is which in the picture above is left as an exercise for the reader…

And, as it turned out, Don Quixote did prove most enjoyable: a slightly bizarre melange of serious theatre in the round, a musical, a mummers play and improv comedy, it kept everyone thoroughly entertained from start to finish.

However – even though there were always spare pontoon moorings – we’d overstayed our welcome at the basin, and needed to be moving on from the delights of Stratford. The River Avon and Tewkesbury beckon.

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