By Eckington

Leaving Pershore behind on the Monday morning, the Avon does a two giant loops around Pensham and Birlingham in an S shape, with Bredon Hill always beckoning from a constantly changing direction. We hadn’t planned to go far, but the few moorings were either full or unsuitable. Nafford Lock provided a reminder that this chunk of water is a river, and can bite… there was a narrowboat half over the weir, half under water, and held in place by the large floating objects that try to prevent even worse disasters. We were too busy trying to negotiate the difficult turn into the lock itself without going the same way to take photographs. Glad we’ve got very calm and docile water!

We eventually found a place suitable for the Captain at Eckington Wharf, where there’s a small car park for walkers, some picnic tables, and room to moor a couple of boats. And a very pretty and ancient bridge.

Eckington Wharffrom Eckington Wharf

It looked a bit gloomy when we moored up, but nothing came of it.

Eckington BridgeEckington Bridge

Despite it’s age, Eckington Bridge still carries heavy traffic to this day.

Eckington Bridge

With a nice sunset to round things off, someone discovered the ship’s camera could take panorama shots, so here’s a couple of experiments.

Eckington BridgeEckington Bridge

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