River High, Mountain Deep…

While the transport manager was shunting around the country on trains and cars on Friday, the Severn continued to rise. We stayed overnight and left on the Saturday morning, by which time the Severn had come up three or four feet.

River Avon, Severn Level @ TewkesburyRiver Avon, Severn Level @ Tewkesbury

These pictures are actually of the River Avon, but at the level it flows into the Severn. The previous evening Biggles had been on the mooring pontoon at least six more steps further down, supping from the river. We’d nearly moored under the block of flats in the distance, but decided not to as it meant climbing up several feet from the boat to the quayside (now under water).

It clearly didn’t look like it was going to back to normal any time soon: the decision to abandon ship looked increasingly the right one.

Errata: it seems my reference to the Essex Girl were in error. She’s off to Lavenham in Sussex. Staying at The Swan it seems. Can’t think how she can afford it – must ask for a rise in pocket money!

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