Worcester–Carvings and Ceilings

More by accident than design, we seem to be sailing past loads of interesting churches, abbeys, priories and cathedrals. Perhaps someone’s trying to tell us something. Worcester Cathedral looms over the Severn. A photo from the river is a classic shot, but with a boat to control and indifferent weather we didn’t bother. Anyway, it seemed churlish not to continue the theme.

Worcester Cathedral: Side Chapel TriptychWorcester Cathedral: Side Chapel Triptych

In one of the side chapels is an enormous carved triptych: can only show a small bit here, but the detailed expressions on the faces are remarkable. Took eleven years to complete, apparently.

Worcester CathedralWorcester Cathedral: King John's Tomb

The stained glass is not medieval: being a cathedral at the time, rather than a priory or abbey, good old Henry VIII destroyed it. (Gloucester was not a cathedral at the time, hence it’s glass wasn’t destroyed). King John’s tomb is plonked right in the middle of the choir (you can see it at the bottom of the main photo). That must make dancing in the aisles a little problematic.

Worcester CathedralWorcester Cathedral

Nonetheless, the ceiling is wonderful.

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