Morris Oxford – again

Jackstraws weren’t dancing on the Sunday, but our boat-guest Sue was dancing with her other side Rockhoppers, and it was nice and warm and sunny again, so we tootled along to the the Ashmolean to watch.

Ashmolean Belly DancersAshmolean Belly Dancers


Fran was particularly taken by the Belly Dancers, and I have vague memories of our Sue doing a demonstration at a Jackstraws Christmas Party some quite a few years ago. Perhaps alcohol was involved. Or perhaps there’ll be a new side forming…


Morris cognoscenti will spot that (a)  Rockhopper Sue isn’t dancing in this set, (b) fellow Sidmouth MC Barry Goodman is playing melodeon, and (c) there’s another member of Jackstraws double-teaming with Rockhoppers.

Teppa's Tump

Also putting in an appearance were Taeppa’s Tump, a side from Maidenhead near the Captain’s winter quarters.

Moulton MorrisSimon Care

Moulton Morris seem to be starting their dancers young, even if their musician was too busy planning his escape to Costa Del Folk to play… (sorry, Simon!)

While Rockhoppers had their annual dinner, the Song & Dance chef continued the endless pursuit of hares on a hillside, and we went to see Leveret… a lovely concert with Andy Cutting & friends and their delightful perpetual motion music.

All in all a pretty good weekend.

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