The Boring Bit–What a Difference a Week Makes

Leaving Banbury just after the banks opened, we were tucked back up in Cropredy Marina by Friday lunchtime, and connected to the mains… the laundry fairy was soon hard at work. And we were glad to be tucked up too – it was cold and wet and miserable.

A power cut Friday night meant things didn’t progress quite as fast as normal, and Saturday was also spent going round not just the enormous Tesco, but the trendy New Waitrose (as the road signs say). And then, a sucker for punishment, I wandered round the DIY sheds looking for bits and pieces.

And the weather was again cold and damp and windy. What a contrast to the previous weekend. Anyway, we got lots of stuff done, ready to venture North on Sunday. We wanted to make a getaway, as the forecast for Monday was absolutely dire. Welcome to Spring!

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