Better Than Buchan, and another Peregrine

Coventry CathedralCoventry Cathedral

The bell tower of the old cathedral remains intact, so we decided to go up to the top. While John Buchan could only manage 39 Steps, this involved climbing a spiral staircase of 180 uneven, narrow and steep stone steps. You need to be properly fit (puff, puff, wheeze), and passing anyone coming the other way is a serious challenge if they’re unfriendly. There are the expectedly fine views from the top in all directions, and of course, Eagle Eyes spotted a passing peregrine heading for the church just across the road. With people wandering around the top, we don’t suppose they roost on the cathedral spire, but some feathers lying around the top suggest they may spend a little time there during their tea break.

Coventry CathedralCoventry Cathedral

As well as student tower blocks, Coventry also seems to have a large Ferris wheel down by the bus station, but it clearly wasn’t overly popular – hardly saw a soul on it, and when we passed it on the ground, it was stationary with no one waiting at all.

Back at the Basin, we were slowly inundated with young people in 1930s outfits heading for one of the units – a  30th Birthday Bash by the looks of it – but despite our fears there was no untoward noise or behaviour, and after our exertions in the hot weather, we fell asleep well before they packed up for the night.

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