Consall and Churnet Valley

Canals and railways often run close to each other for sound technical reasons. In the case of the Churnet Valley Railway, one might even say “too close” – another challenge for the steerer along the Froghall Branch of the Caldon Canal.

The Black Lion is a splendid pub previously only accessible by rail or canal, but a recent road doesn’t seem to have done it too much harm. A splendid lunch spot, with hens running amok in the garden, ducks ignoring the railway signage, more lime kilns across the canal, and the place from which this blog’s header picture was taken.

Consall StationThe Black Lion, ConsallMakes a change from watching the traffic.Trains seem to run all day...

Then it’s back down through the Stoke potteries, a quick overnight stop next to “the man” (James Brindley) at Etruria junction, then into the Festival Park marina for a for a few days while we catch up on cats, repairs, washing and boring stuff like that.

Etruria Bridge and Winding HoleStatue of James Brindley

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