The Heyford–Sidmouth Axis

And so to Heyford. Last time I moored in this area was well before 1994 (when they closed down operations from Upper Heyford airfield). Can remember looking across to the hill and seeing – not to mention hearing – dozens of US Air Force F-111 jet fighters take off in a stream just after breakfast, then come back for lunch. Then off again in the afternoon… it’s much quieter now!

A little further down the canal is Lower Heyford, and Heyford Wharf, which has the merit of being right next to the Oxford – Banbury railway line, with a station 10 feet from the water. Noisy, but convenient for catching trains…

Boat safely tucked up, car retrieved from home, and it’s off for a fortnight’s R&R… home for a day or two to catch up on stuff like doctors and dentists, then off to Sidmouth for nine days on the annual pilgrimage.

It was nice to see Ralph McTell could still fill a 1200 seat marquee and hold everyone spellbound for 90 minutes –  haven’t seen him in concert for over 20 years (and I first booked him to do a gig in Manchester in 1968. Gulp.)

Far too much good music, song, dance, company, food and drink to detail here, but just for balance, here’s a picture of some young Shetland fiddlers, and a not-so-young Shetland fiddler.

South Mainland Young Fiddlers - spot the littl'un!Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham

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