A Rose by any Other Name

Narrowboats can have pretty much any name you like, and they don’t have to be unique. Kingfisher would appear to be pretty much the favourite: there are dozens of them. Plenty named for the owners along the lines of Fred ’ n’ Ethel, or Emma-Jane, or Lady Sara, too. As a contrast, one of the larger timeshare/hiring outfits had a whole fleet of boats with slightly odd names like Wilson’s Chaos, seemingly named after obscure fairground rides.

There’s also the odd misfit: given the supposed peaceful and relaxing nature of  narrowboating, one wonders at Predator and  Warrior (both seen today), and can only admire the Anglo Welsh hire fleet’s Amerthyst, which is not only misspelt but the wrong colour too. The completely bare interior of Kettle’s On would also suggest it’s misnamed, at least for now. Minnie the Moocher suggests at least one Cab Calloway fan on the cut, and I wish I’d managed to get a picture of Baker Street, complete with the score of the opening bars of that saxophone break.

Others that stick in the mind:

The Vented Spleen
Flying  Pig
(seen a couple of years ago near Market Drayton, then again yesterday)
Rioja Bye Baby
Harold’s Will

Mind you, the (possibly apocryphal) Contains Nuts doesn’t appear on the register at the moment.


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