Make Mine a Large One

At various points cruising or perambulating along the Caldon Canal we came across boats that caught our attention. We’d seen the immaculate butty Jam Butty before, moored near Hazelhurst Locks on Song & Dance’s maiden voyage, but this trip her equally immaculate tug Jammie Dodger was nowhere to be seen. Found out later at gossip central (The Holly Bush) that it was on a cruise to Llangollen and back. How nice.

The same morning, we’d seen Chardonnay and Tempranillo, the latter reminding us of the splendidly titled Rioja Bye Baby seen down at Heyford on our first year. Meanwhile…


Caol Ila reminded us that it was way past time we headed up to the Hebrides for some malted therapy. The same morning we also saw Comfortably Numb which seemed appropriate.

Alternative TherapyRetired

We rather liked Alternative Therapy as a name. And for many years every time we passed through Stone, Tina Paramore’s two boats were moored in the same place, but were missing this May. Now we know why: wonder if that little word at the bottom was her last piece of brushwork.


Finally, bemused that Loughborough wasn’t all that far away, the chief cook took some time…

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