The Owl and the Kingfisher

Having moored up just below Pinkhill Lock, on some open ground just below Farnmoor Reservoir, a gentle stroll up the path found us coming upon an interpretive board that had a picture of a Barn Owl, which just said “Barn Owl”.

Odd, we thought. But as the sun went down, for over three-quarters of an hour we had superb views of a Barn Owl hunting the area around the sign, occasionally diving down into the undergrowth then emerging with something small and furry in its talons before disappearing into a small wooded area, only to reappear rodent-less a minute or two later. If only all interpretive signs were so accurate and useful!

Today’s word for the vocabulary is “crepuscular”.

The next morning had us travelling for over 25 minutes down a narrow overgrown bit of the river, with one or more kingfishers in always sight. Might have been mainly the same one, but at one point we saw three at once. It always gladdens the heart to see that turquoise and russet flash as they rush by low over the water.

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