Biggles goes for a swim – Take 2

The Lechlade public moorings are unlit and really quite dark. The boss had nipped out to chase the cows or something, and we had just returned from dinner when there was a loud splash.

“Man Overboard” – sorry, “Cat Overboard” came the cry… and the first task in the pitch black was to locate a working torch.

Joining her on the back deck Fran was peering frantically around the boat in the dark, while I happened accidentally to point the torch down at my feet, only to see a very sodden furry animal licking himself. Somehow, he’d managed to climb out the river and get back on the boat, without making a noise.

Think he might have pulled a muscle somewhere: he walked very oddly at the back end for a while, and even after towelling down he was still doing a lot of licking around his hind quarters. Seemed OK the next morning, though.

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