If Typhoo puts the tea in tea bags…

…Lechlade puts the “moo” in mooring.

Once past Eynsham it really becomes remote: unlike the canals there are virtually no animal or foot bridges linking fields either side, and very few roads crossing or even road access. The few villages are all well set back from the river, and hardly a building or vehicle is to be seen as one winds back and forth in a leisurely fashion heading in a vaguely West-South-Westerly direction with either open vistas or heavily overgrown banks for company. Not for nothing did Bampton used to be known as Bampton in the Bush, but the threatening pile-driver precluded a walk into town on the way up-river, so no danger of Morris Dancing activities for the moment.

The pleasant public moorings at just by the bridge at Lechlade are alongside a large open field in which a large number of cows roost. Some of these seemed intent on devouring our radio aerial and licking the other boats to death, while one was planning on visiting the Sylvan Dancer folks whether invited or not.

A pleasant evening ensued, with the first proper visitors to Song & Dance (some old friends who moved to Lechlade nine years ago), and a very nice Italian Restaurant. In the morning a quick wander for a mile or so up to Inglesham Round House – the effective end of the navigable river for us – then back to the marina for a day catching up with household chores before setting off down river for points South and East.

Should that be boathold chores?

Lechlade Public Moo-ringsLechlade Public Moo-ringsInglesham Round  HouseLechlade

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