Abingdon Day Trippers

Some old friends and Abingdon dwellers  – I’ve known Dick since before primary school – joined the boat at Abingdon Lock, and were the first proper guests to travel on the boat with us. A pleasant if windy cruise down to Culham then back to moor in the middle of Abingdon’s waterfront.

Unlike many places, where towns grow up around ancient river crossings (and hence the river goes through the middle of town), Abingdon wasn’t on the Thames originally, but the river was diverted to run round the edge of town back in mediaeval times.

Abingdon WaterfrontThe boys are in town.Abingdon waterfront

More recent history saw Biggles’ greatest success, at the annual Russian Blue Breeders’ Association show held in Abingdon in 2010. He insisted I put a picture of his cup and rosettes in the blog…

The haul from the 2010 RBBA show.

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