Wallingford Willows

Arriving in Wallingford – which turned out to be a delightful town – the day before the start of the Bunkfest, the much vaunted council moorings by the bridge were already full (and only available for 24 hours, though several boats stayed all weekend).

So a swift about-turn (nice wide river!), and about 1km back upstream we dived under the weeping willows lining the banks by Wallingford Castle Meadows and tied up to a couple of trees. Beats using mooring pins in soggy ground, and it was nice and quiet, secluded and cat friendly – unlike down by the town bridge – if a little “overgrown”.

Nice walk along the river path into town via the bridge, or across the fields into the town centre. What more could you want, apart from the fact that the area would soon be awash with Morris Dancers?

Walking back in the evening twilight, there was a silent and stately procession of forty one Canada Geese sailing slowly down river in strict single file, about eighteen inches apart: the spacing was accurate enough for a Red Arrows display. Quite spooky.

Hiding under the willows.Wallingford Willows, by the Castle MeadowsWallingford WillowsBoat house, Wallingford.

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