Morris Dancer alert: Wallingford Bunkfest

Having found ourselves in Wallingford on Bunkfest weekend, it seemed churlish not to take a look, even if it did mean tripping over Morris Dancers everywhere. For completeness, even though nothing to do with Biggles’ adventures afloat, some pictures of singers and musicians…

Alastair Russell gi'in it laldyPete Orton & Shady GroveGirl with Musical Saw

Some pictures of dancers…

It's Morris Dancing, Jim, but not as we know it...Windsor Morris on the ground.Rockhoppers getting airborneA nasty outbreak of the Michael Flatleys

Some pictures of the lovely Jackie Oates…

Jackie Oates, BunkfestJackie Oates: Mosh Pit

And like policemen, the inhabitants of the mosh-pit seem to get younger and younger.

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