Tails up for Biggles: Swans – 1 Song & Dance – 0

A wettish wander down from Wallingford to Cleeve Lock for urgent taking on of water… the water point’s large hose is too big for us, and the bigger boats using it reduced the flow from the small hose to a trickle. It takes a long time to uplift 200ltrs at a trickle.

Moored up on  the meadow just below the lock, as the dark descended the Swan team came out to play. Song & Dance fielded its best striker, who unfortunately chose to attack from the fore-deck with the cratch covers down, so cutting off his best line of retreat. A hiss and snapping beak from the lead cygnet saw Biggles taking an early bath rather than pursuing a more considered course of action. Still don’t know how he got back on board!

Still, at least his tail’s up properly now and he’s walking without a rear end limp, so he should be ready for a return match soon.

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