Boaters Welcome?

Although we’d arrived in Bath quite late on a Sunday afternoon, is was such a lovely evening that we thought a quick recce downtown before dinner would be in order: the low sun on the honey coloured sandstone really gives the whole place a warm glow.

Sydney Gardens footbridgesSydney Gardens Tunnel

The canal running along the back of Sydney Gardens was a peaceful haven; the large building over the tunnel was the HQ of the K&A canal in the early days.

Great Pulteney StreetPulteney Bridge

The walk down Great Pulteney Street to the iconic Pulteney Bridge was notable for being almost entirely traffic free, even if the parked cars detracted from the ambience a little.

The BoaterBeating the Germans to it

But what does one make of a narrow three-story pub on the edge of the bridge and backing onto the river which is called The Boater.

A hat for a pub sign; you can have pretty well any flavour of crisps, but they don’t sell plain ones; they don’t sell Guinness and they’d run out of their Guinness substitute/clone; and they were trying to to confuse the German towel leavers by holding their Oktoberfest in September but hiding the advert around the back. Hmmm…

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