Percy’s Song and a day in Abingdon

With the promise of dinner from Dick & Jo, a day wandering around Abingdon seemed in order. Having spent several days in Abingdon in the past, posing at the Russian Blue Breeders’ Association cat show, Biggles declined to explore further, but allowed us to wander around parts previously unseen.

There are some nice old parts like East St. Helen’s Street, and Turnagain Lane; the latter instantly set off a particularly persistent Percy’s Song earworm, quite apt as we’re heading for Cropredy, Fairport Convention’s stamping ground.

Venue for Percy's Song?East St. Helen Street, Abingdon

We were rather taken with St. Ethelwold’s House: a long house run by a Christian/spiritual charity with a lovely garden going down to the river, and a “quiet room” overlooking the river with an open invitation to just come in and relax; rooms for yoga classes (anathema to some Xian establish) and free tea and buns. A delightful and pleasant spot.

DSCF1408"There's a stone in my shoe, and I can't catch you up"There are boats at the bottom of my garden.St. Ethelwold's House

There used to be another canal here, but if they ever re-open the Wilts & Berks Canal, you’ll need to duck!

Low Bridge!

The Alms Houses next to St. Helen’s Church are rather fine…Alms Houses, St. Helens, Abingdon

… as is the view of said church across the river.


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