Portrait Painting

On a day off from cat-chauffering, wandering round Balliol dining room (as you do)…

Balliol Dining Hall

… we couldn’t help but notice a couple of pictures on the wall.

Andrew Graham by Robbie WraithDSCF1493

Steve Shirley by Saied DaiDSCF1495 

Fran & Biggles bought me a lovely Robbie Wraith drawing for my birthday a couple of years ago, and our friends Nick & Linda splashed out on a Saied Dai oil portrait about the same time, Both came from our artistic “advisor” and friend Alan Kluckow.

Think I met Steve Shirley once, back when she was setting up the F International or FI Consultancy or whatever. Certainly, my boss around then, Hilary Cropper, decamped shortly thereafter then to run FI for her (and I see went on to become probably the best paid business woman in the UK).

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