Here We Go Leaky Loo, Here We Go…

As we headed on down into Oxford Town, we noticed that the bathroom floor was oozing water, with very similar symptoms to a toilet leak we suffered on our first week’s proving cruise last year. Fortunately it looked like clean water…

Graham (the energetic man of all trades leaping around in Splashdown in Longport) was dispatched Oxford-wards at OMG o’clock, arrived at breakfast time and soon fixed the problem before heading off to some other problem in Derby. Gets around that chap!

We’d moored just 20 yards across the water from the very splendid and ornate St Barnabas Church in Jericho, one of the venues for the Oxford Folk Festival weekend, where there would apparently be nasty outbreaks of morris dancing, including some from SWMBO. A quick foray into town showed that while the morris sides were as usual slow to appear, a splendid Cossack Dance Troupe from Perm (twinned with Oxford) had got ahead of the game and were entertaining bemused shoppers a day early.

Yarmarka Dance Team from PermYarmarkaNice Cossack bootsFran changes sides...

Fran was very taken, got roped into their version of Bonny Green, and was contemplating joining them but thought it was perhaps a bit far to go for practices on a  Monday evening. Mind you, the lead singer was a bit fearsome, and the twirly skirts competition intense, so perhaps it was for the best…

YarmarkaCompetition for the Twirly Skirt prize is intense.

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