Hairy Pigs and Meerkats

SWMBO decided that a trip down memory lane and a visit to the Beale Park Wildlife establishment was called for, and in the absence of hundreds of peacocks, a pleasant time was had by all (Biggles remaining on guard, asleep, on the boat). While Fran was trying to work out which bird was the Norwegian Blue…

First Mate has the train to herselfWonder which one's the Norwegian  Blue...

… the local mallards had formed an escape committee, although the brightly coloured occupants of the prison  seemed unimpressed.

The escape committee. Where's Steve McQueen?Bright birds

The Egyptian Geese have decided to recruit one of their family as a Charity Mugger who demanded funds for the bird-food slot machine with extreme prejudice: could teach the Canal and River Trust chuggers a thing or two!

Walk this way, Madam, and open your purse...... or I'll peck your knee caps. 

Our many trips north of Hadrian’s Wall meant that Hairy Coos were hardly a novelty, but we’d never come across their porcine relatives before. They were really quite sweet, and are often kept as pets in New Zealand, apparently.

Hairy Pigs 1Hairy Pigs 2

And Meerkats really do stand upright, keeping guard.

 They really do stand upright!And Aleksander is on guard duty...

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