Farewell to the Thames, Hello to the Cygnets

Can’t help thinking It’s not the Leaving of Laleham  might have made a better song title, but there you go. Swiftly under Chertsey Bridge and thankfully everything looks rather dryer than it did in the winter of 2013/14! Seems strange to be narrowboating in Surrey.

Chertsey Bridge

After watching all the ducks and goslings growing mad, just below Chertsey Bridge we spotted our first cygnets of the season.

Leaving Shepperton Lock with a wave to Piper Dutch Barge Calliope waiting to enter, carving our way through the myriad canoeists and we’ve left the Thames’ wide open vistas for the rather more closed-in Wey Navigation at Thames Lock.

Thames Lock is really almost a staircase lock in disguise: below the real lock there’s a sizeable curved pound and another gate, so that when necessary – as it was for us even though we don’t draw much at all – they can raise the water level just a foot or so, to clear the bottom cill of the main chamber.

Thames Lock lower poundThames Lock

Some fancy apartments here too: it’s within spitting distance of Weybridge high street, so Biggles decided not to waste time visiting the local estate agent.

Thames LockThames Lock Apartments

Some fancy apartments just down the cut at Coxes Lock too. Nice that the old mill was preserved, though.

Coxes LockCoxes Lock and Mill

Passing Pelican Wharf there were several boats with names that should be punished, such as This Wey Up : we’ll spare you the others.

We eventually moored up just above New Haw Lock, where the Captain’s BFF Emma Jane (she of the hat in our winter wanderings) joined us for a meal at the adjacent White Hart pub.

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