61 Swan Salute for an old hero.

Anyone who’d bought tickets for the Royal Windsor Horse Show for the Thursday must have been well peed off. Wednesday had been a beautiful day, but Thursday was just awful, with heavy rain all day. Fortunately this had been expected by the Captain, and a car fetched from home the previous evening enabled the first mate to go off and play Badminton with her group, a number of errands to be run, and a much needed bend and stretch at one of Swami Ji’s yoga classes.

Friday dawned rather better, and passing under the M25 and A30 at Wraysbury, it’s obvious that the river is getting wider, the boats bigger, and the houses odder.

Under the M25 and A30Lunar Module?

Someone was celebrating their 60th Birthday in style, and at Penton Hook it was a delight to see a beautiful restoration of one of the original Dunkirk Little Ships, proudly wearing its Dunkirk 1940 plaque. It was “fresh out the box” and looked just lovely. 50 years ago Fran & I shared a pretend Aunt and Uncle who owned one. There were loads then… there can’t be many left now. Not sure if they were joining the imminent Return to Dunkirk, but it would be nice to think so,

Party BoatDunkirk Small Ship

Lunching at the new town of Staines-on-Thames (which looked astonishingly like the Staines of old) , further down the river we came across a short section where we counted over 60 swans swimming around before giving up. Round the bend, in what looked like a similar bit of water, not a swan in sight, but wall-to-wall Common Terns skimming the water. A bit further, and the only birds in sight were dozens of Black-Headed Gulls. Strange how they divvy up the river between them.

To end the day, decent moorings at Laleham enabled a visit from an old morris dancing groupie friend… 60 years ago he’d worked at the boat yard across the water. Hadn’t moved far!

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