Fame at Last

A short trip from Frimley due south, through Bob Potter country (he of Lakeside Club, World Darts Championship, Potters Steak Bar and numerous other ventures) before a swing bridge announced arrival the HQ of the Basingstoke Canal people at Mytchett Canal Centre, which provided an opportunity to fill Song & Dance up with water, and the crew up with lunch. The Captain decided to go tree-climbing.

The Captain returns from explorationTaking on water at the Canal Centre

A lady with a BCS sweatshirt rushed out with a camera, saying to her colleagues “Look, it’s Song & Dance” and to us “Can I get a photo of Biggles? We’ve been following your progress on the Blog”. Sir deigned to pose for at least three seconds before wandering off. Fame indeed.

Betty, the camera wielding lady turned out be the friend / ex-colleague of one of Fran’s Jackstraws Morris dancers, and persuaded us that we really ought to attend the boat rally and all the other festivities at the weekend, and insisted we contact the lady managing the mooring spaces over the weekend…

Tame Goose

Cygnets galoreFamily gathering

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