Odiham Magna Carta weekend

[Parental Advisory… there are pictures and mentions of Morris Dancing in this post]

Odiham not only takes its connection to the Magna Carta seriously, but clearly has a vibrant community who were determined to celebrate/commemorate the 800th anniversary in no mean fashion. On the Friday evening there was a parade round town (which most of the town seemed to join in) and loads of people dressed in mediaeval kit; there were Morris Dancers and Shire Horses getting in everyone’s way (well the dancers were), food an craft stalls aplenty and so on. On the Saturday the town and environs was apparently awash with 20 Morris sides – we managed to avoid most of them – and up at the Castle a big mediaeval village re-enactment with all sorts of people in costumes etc. Amazingly for a Bank Holiday weekend the weather stayed warm and fair and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Knickerbocker Glory Appalachian DancersKnickerbocker Glory

The Appalachian Cloggers Knickerbocker Glory entertained the post procession crowds in The Bury: the chap in the pictures taught SWMBO’s Jackstraws Morris many decades ago.

Sourdeval Brass BandSourdeval Brass Band

The Brass Band from twin-town Sourdeval showed the Salvation Army a thing or two both musically and sartorially.

Garston GallopersShinfield Shambles

Local sides Garston Gallopers and Shinfield Shambles tried hard on the longish grass, and no matter how good the dancing or otherwise, the latter’s choice of name is brave.

Knockhundred ShuttlesKnockhundred Trombonist

Man with bouquet on head

Meanwhile, the Knockhundred Shuttles fared a lot better clogging on tarmac, even if their squire had his head in a bouquet for some reason. Come to that, you don’t see many trombone playing Morris dancers either.

Shire HorseOn the road again...

Making a similar noise with their feet, the Shire Horses pulling a dray from local brewery Andwells proved popular, as did their beer.

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