Rally Ho!

Well, the rally harbourmaster Jan said they’d find room for Song & Dance somewhere on Odiham Wharf, and the ship’s cook had spotted that some of her (speak it quietly) morris dancing friends would be around on the Friday evening and all day Saturday, so without further ado it was full steam (or rather full diesel) ahead for the Odiham Magna Carta festivities.

Heron boater

A boating heron watched disdainfully as we went past, while two lovely steam launches were launched at the Barley Mow slipway and really would be going full steam ahead to get up to Odiham that evening.

Launching Steam LaunchesLady Selsey warming up

Meanwhile, on the other side of the canal, the helmsperson rapidly realised that the lovely property for sale she fancied was actually the outhouse, and that we probably couldn’t afford that, let alone the house that came with it.

The shed will do usHouse For Sale

And sure enough, space there was for us for at least Friday night, and – as it turned out – the rest of the weekend too. Having come this far, it would have seemed churlish not to be a part of Sunday’s Boat Rally, and we duly signed on the dotted line.

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