Wey Bound in Woking

Meeting up again with Snail O’Wey at St. Johns on Saturday morning, there was some delay as David (who had their boat key) had gone walkabout to help a single boat who was coming up the Goldsworth Locks single handed, having engine problems to boot, and getting a bit stressed out by it all.

Once under way, with the weather improving, the six locks were soon knocked off. The boat coming up was a very odd looking affair altogether, with the engine in the middle of the deck, and a steering system we’d never seen before: a big wooden lever just sticking out the floor which was waggled left and right.

Goldsworth LocksGoldsworth Locks - unusual boat

We waved our farewells to Snail O’Wey at The Bridge Barn: they were carrying on down the Woodham Locks to their home base on the Wey (or so they thought) while we were meeting up with one of Fran’s ex-colleagues/friends Liz, husband Andy and family to take them for a little potter around the sights of Woking.

Liz, Andy and crew

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