Hairpin Bends and Guildford Gongoozlers

Continuing the passage to Guildford in hot sun but with quite a strong breeze, there’s a sharp hairpin bend just before Guildford where one struggles to get round tidily at the best of times in a long narrow boat.

There’s also a break in the tree shelter belt just there,  and the wind that day was broadside on to the boat at the critical point: despite all best efforts Song & Dance decided to go her own way, and ended up aground on the bank halfway round the bend under a weeping willow, gently touching the trunk. There was no one watching and no  damage apart from to her pride, so no harm done. The numerous fresh scars and assorted paintwork marks on the tree trunk suggested that we had made a rather better fist of it than some who had passed that way earlier…

The lovely weather had also brought the gongoozlers out in force at the lock in Guildford.

Guildford Gongoozlers

The transit through Guildford town centre is interesting, and quite quick: it’s a compact city.

 Handy for the shopsGuildford

Guildford Town WharfHandy for the Electric Theatre cafe

There’s some interesting ironmongery at the town wharf, and it’s handy for The Electric Theatre  cafe.

Handy for The Electric TheatreSometimes...

It’s a bit close to where the yoof gather of an evening though, so I’m not sure we’d want to moor there overnight. Not sure  how the statement “Electricity Works” is supposed to be taken, although it certainly was at 19:13 that evening, as the chief cook listened to the Archers until the end without any electrical interruptions. It’s handy for the picture house, too.

Handy for The Pictures

But no worries, we’d taken the precaution of reserving a spot at Dapdune Wharf a few hundred metres down the water.

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