Wey Navigation Reflections

We we were rather reluctant to leave the Wey Navigation.We’d stayed a lot longer than originally planned, even allowing for a lengthy trip up the Basingstoke Canal to Odiham  and someone’s side trip to the Cotswolds. The section between Pyrford and Stoke Lock on the outskirts of Guildford is just delightful, a million miles from anywhere yet so close to home, as are Dapdune Wharf and the stretch to Godalming. Moorings were not always easy to find, but worthwhile when one did. The locks were a bit fierce if you were careless going uphill, but well maintained and perfectly manageable once you’d sussed the issues.

And there’s the bonus of lots of friends within easy reach, who could come and visit Biggles without too much difficulty, or provide help ferrying us around. Rather think we’ll be back!

Mind you, there’s one thing we won’t miss: the seeming obsession of local boaters in exploiting dreadful puns. We’d already come across Weyward Lass so I guess Weyward Lady  was hardly a surprise, and the day trip boat company Weydays just about forgivable. Less so are the narrowboat Wey Out towing a small tender Wey In, while Hem In Way seemed a tad literate. We kept thinking we were going to come across one called And Now, The Time Is Neer

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