Weybridge Reflections

If you pass through Weybridge via the Wey Navigation en-route to the Thames, you don’t really see much of the town, even though it’s very close. And if you pass through Weybridge by road, you would probably cross the main tree-lined Wey Road Bridge without ever noticing the canal.

Under Weybridge Road BridgeEntrance to Weybridge Town Lock

Yet, at the entrance to the Weybridge Town Lock, there’s sizeable basin by the old bridge, just a short way from the church at the end of the high street as the crow flies.


We stayed a couple of nights between the main bridge and Thames Lock: there’s a quiet towpath wandering past some impressive waterside properties, even if they’re not much to look at from the road side. Tucked away, unless you walked along the cut, you’d probably never know they were there. They made fine, if temporary neighbours. Must check out the local estate agent…


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