Northampton Wanderings

A pleasant day wandering around Northampton after the trials of the descent. Our moorings seemed more than satisfactory, so after a quick expedition to get some croissants for second breakfast / early lunch, we headed off to investigate the marina where we were leaving Song & Dance then into town.

Northampton WatersideBecket's Park Marina

The new Nene waterside development was a bit stark, but the marina very secure and eminently swish  (apart from the absence of any car parking). Calling your boat On Schedule! shows remarkable chutzpah.

Northampton GuildhallWooden KnightWooden Knight

The Guildhall was suitably Gothic, but we weren’t sure what the wooden knights were all about: must investigate more on our return.

Guildhall and All Saints ChurchAll Saints Church

The unusual looking All Saints Church was not only impressive inside and out but had a busy café and bistro under the colonnade. However we’d already discovered a coffee shop that sold loose Leonidas Belgian chocolates to go with their coffee… no contest!  And a mad butcher in the market, desperate to clear up, insisted on selling us nearly 2kg of what proved to be beautiful rib-eye steak for a tenner, so that was several dinners taken care of!

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