Don’t You Hate It When…

… you leave home, then wonder if you’ve turned the gas off, or leave the airfield then wonder if you’ve left the master switch on, or other such quandaries. You just know there’ll be no peace of mind until you go back and check!

We were hoping for dry weather, because the floor of Song & Dance’s well deck is below the water line, which isn’t normally a problem when the cratch cover is in place. But without, we’re relying on an automatic electrically operated bilge pump to shift any water accumulation over the side. And with all the rain, and a couple of other little quandaries – we’d ended up leaving the boat on the Saturday much later than hoped for and in rather a rush – it was clear that a return trip to double check would save a lot of worrying.

All was (mostly) well, the well deck was dry as a bone, and five minutes checking everything properly was all it needed. I can feel a proper checklist coming on.

So, (why do so many interviewees on the Radio 4 Today programme start their reply to a question with “So…” – usually followed by a prepared spiel unrelated to the question) we’d been out since Friday 10th April. We’d covered 360 miles from Cropredy to Northampton, via Oxford, Reading, Odiham, Godalming and Aylesbury. We’d worked through 290 locks, mostly wide ones, in admittedly mainly fine weather. and had the engine running for some 238 hours. We’d (wisely, it turned out) abandoned the trip into the middle of London in the heat-wave, and were nicely positioned to explore the delights of the River Nene.

Definitely time for some music…

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